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Welcome to our digital sketchbook

In its first edition, CURRENT dedicates itself to porosity in – and of, the city, in so naming potential gaps in urban planning as well as gaps in the collective consciousness. This blog accompanies the ideas, thoughts and sketches of all participants while exploring the meanings, interpretations and associations of “porosity” as a concept.

Cities are in motion. They are in constant flux. Streetscapes ever changing their facades, momentarily generating anew while being torn down in the next. The urban – squares, streets and houses are intensively used, revived and negotiated – they are the containers of our everyday lives. The claim for a complete, or finished city, remaining perpetually unfulfilled.

CURRENT uses the city of Stuttgart as a model to visualize the present. Here, large-scale construction projects depict future scenarios, with the promise of an ideal and completed city. Gaps, wastelands, empty spaces, the unplanned, the fragile, the provisional or even the ruinous, are perceived as obstacles to their myths, because they imply the "unfinished”. Crises, however, disrupt the once considered, straightforward plan. Uncertainty encourages eventualities, that call for a constructive approach to the unplanned, demanding cohesion more than ever.

Art has the potential for providing the new and critical perceptions of the existing, the everyday and the self-evident. Art deliberately introduces new elements into space, either by making connections or by fostering conflict in the reflection of the every day. A distance to the concrete planning disciplines – the imaginary, as a gap – is necessary for the planning and development of the city.

This blog is the digital sketchbook, for publishing the interpretations and associations of the participating artists and partners, providing the theoretical, speculative or academic aspects behind the idea, or respectively the concept of “porous” space.

Recognizing the urban as porous, as means of productively engaging with the unplanned and the permeable – within the continually incomplete city.

Current —
Art and urban space

9.—19. Sept / Stuttgart