CURRENT is a transdisciplinary festival for art in urban space. The first edition will take place from 9—19 September 2021 in Stuttgart. Installations, performances, discussions and workshops set out to explore the connection between art, architecture and the city.

In the first edition, CURRENT dedicates itself to the porosity. The festival focuses on the unforeseen, breaks in planning, the experimental. Artists will use various formats to respond to specific situations in the urban sphere of Stuttgart, local initiatives and institutions are involved in independent formats – all in relation to and with the ever-unfinished, porous city.


CURRENT – Art and Urban Space is a transdisciplinary festival taking place in Stuttgart from 9 – 19 September 2021. The festival uses the city as a model to engage with the present. The first edition is dedicated to the porous (in) the city.  Between the two poles–the supposedly complete and the forever unfinished–the urban is conceived as a porous resonance space in which artistic practices constructively process, reflect and mediate the everyday. CURRENT is composed of an exhibition in public space, a magazine, local cooperations and an international symposium on 16 and 17 September at Kunstverein Wagenhalle.

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Potentials of space, myths and co-existences of living beings, promises of large-scale building projects, assertions of Mock worlds, unforeseen effects of built environment as well as possible new forms of our perception–the exhibition presents artistic positions addressing specific situations in the urban space in a researching, questioning, productive and improvising way, directly and indirectly.

With installations, performances and workshops by:

Alona Rodeh, Begleitbüro SOUP, Constructlab, Gwendoline Robin, Haseeb Ahmed, HONF (House of Natural Fiber), Julien Fargetton & Benjamin Frick, Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl, Valentina Karga

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As an impulse for a new orientation of art in public space the symposium brings together experts from various backgrounds to address questions of a holistic and forward-looking urban design.

Art and urban space – in assembly
16. & 17. September 2021
Kunstverein Wagenhalle

Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum, Markus Bauer, Jochen Becker, Laura Bernhardt, Robin Bischoff, Ellen Blumenstein, Ania Corcilius, Christopher Dell, Christian Haid, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Andreas Hofer, Sonja Hornung, Susanne Jakob, Kathrin Jentjens, Gilly Karjevsky, Alper Kazokoglu, Bea Kießlinger, Paula Kohlmann, Julia Lerch Zajączkowska, Marjetica Potrč, Anna Schiefer, Hannes Schwertfeger, Christina Simon-Philipp, Adnan Softić, Lukas Staudinger, Winfried Stürtzel, Ülkü Süngün, Martina Taig, Renée Tribble, Nora Unger, Sylvia Winkler, Anna Yeboah, Julia Wenz-Delaminsky, et al.

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In this extended, digital urban space we show independent and interpretive contributions to the festival.

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CURRENT – press release July 2021


Laura Bernhardt, Sophie Bergemann, Clair Bötschi, Luisa Danaylov, Nele Esteban-Dettmar, Julia Lerch Zajączkowska, Michelle Radam, Livia Rutishauser, Nora Unger

CURRENT – ART AND URBAN SPACE is a project of the Art Public Space – Culture Matters gUG funded by the City of Stuttgart, the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, the Wüstenrot Foundation and the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen).


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